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Are you looking for plumbers and technicians to do main drain upgrade, drain repairs or drain cleaning, plumbing installations, repair or any solution?
You are lucky because we are the ones in Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville to give you a fast solution at the affordable cost.
  • - Highly qualified specialists, trusted and licensed plumbers
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  • - Water main service and waterproofing services - water line repairs and water service upgrade
  • and A-Z plumbing services

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Our team of sewer and drain licensed technicians believes that installation of drain, sewer and water pipes has to be done without shortcuts and according to the plumbing codes even if it requires more time and parts. Some Toronto homeowners “save” money when do renovation projects by hiring a handyman to install rough-in drain and cold/hot supply lines. As a result, numerous mistakes happen that are hard to detect because pipes are covered with concrete or located behind drywall. As soon as plumbing fixtures is used every day, problems like sewage smell, slow drain, water hammer and other arise.

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